Spring Rain Soutache Earrings


Light Blue Glass & Fabric Earrings

Embroidered Earrings with Vintage Glass

  • 1.75″ l x 1″ w
  • Soutache braid
  • Crystal
  • Vintage glass
  • Sterling Silver
  • Ultra Suede Fabric

In stock

Spring Rain Soutache Earrings are a sophisticated combination of sky blue, violet, chartreuse, and dark green. In the center is a piece of vintage matte blue glass. They have a soft glow that looks lit from within. Stitched on one at a time are teal colored crystals. They are finished with tiny Austrian crystal dangles. This is a very pretty earring! They are designed to match the Spring Rain Soutache Pendant. They would look beautiful worn together. Spring Rain Soutache Earrings would be a perfect gift for the woman who loves artistic jewelry. They would be a nice birthday gift. If you have a special someone who loves hand embroidery, these earrings would be a lovely present. This is one of my best selling color combinations. They are simply irresistible.

Soutache embroidery involves stitching tiny invisible stitches. I work the needle through the layers of colorful fabric trimming. Each bead is carefully stitched in between one at a time. It is very time consuming work and very difficult to get it smooth and even. I am a perfectionist and work very hard to make them look just right. The earrings are backed with coordinating ultra suede fabric for ease of wear and durability. They are so light you will barely feel them on.

I use vintage materials for their exceptional quality and unusual appearance. My vintage collection is very large and inspiring to me. I search for unused vintage in its original packaging to assure you get only the best. Why? Because you are worth it! You deserve the best! I made these beautiful Spring Rain Soutache Earrings just for you! Enjoy!