Scintilla Green Soutache Earrings


Embroidered sparkling vintage glass earring

  • 1.75“ long by 1“ wide
  • 14K gold filled hooks
  • Backing: ultra suede fabric
  • Embroidered earring
  • Beaded fabric jewelry

In stock

Scintilla Green Soutache Earrings are a Pure Bliss customer favorite. They glitter intensely and are a smaller wearable size. They make a real statement on your ear. The canary yellow vintage glass at the center of this soutache earring is from my famous hoard. It shimmers brilliantly. The added green crystals that surround it also give this compact earring huge eye appeal. They are a great every day earring in a more creative workplace, or a dinner out earring. Soutache in olive green, emerald, and medium blue play subtly together. The green iridescent pearls at the bottom add to their glow. These are a small, light weight earring that will go with many pieces in your wardrobe. They would make a special gift for the woman who loves to wear jewelry with “bling.” 14K gold filled earring hooks. This is a set of wearable art that will make you look truly unique.


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