Rana Soutache Pendant


Vintage opal glass ornate embroidered pendant.

  • Pendant: 3.5” l x 2” w
  • Chain: 18” silver & gold plated plated
  • Clasp: sterling silver lobster and ring
  • Backing: pink ultra suede
  • Large medallion pendant
  • Beaded jewelry

In stock

Rana Soutache Pendant is a colorful statement necklace. It is a Pure Bliss customer favorite. Each one I make is slightly different and totally unique. This photo is representative of the colors, materials, size, and shape. You will receive a pendant very similar, but not precisely the same. This sumptuous soutache pendant features a piece of vintage opal glass. Rana Soutache Pendant is a large medallion. It is lightweight and comfortable. It is a collectible piece of wearable art. Soutache layers are raspberry, gold, and peach. Topaz rhinestones, pearls, and glass beads are worked in. A vintage hot pink crystal drop dangles from the bottom. This intricately beaded pendant would be a unique gift for the woman who loves artistic jewelry. The plated mesh snake chain is supple and supportive. It does not compete for attention with the pendant.


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