Misty Soutache Earrings


Vintage glass pink & green embroidered statement earrings

  • 2” l x 1.25” w
  • Sterling silver hooks
  • Backing: ultra suede fabric
  • Statement earrings
  • Beaded jewelry

In stock

Misty Soutache Earrings are inspired by the morning mists that appear in a summer meadow. They are a petite soutache earring and easy to wear. You will love how their gentle colors go so well with many outfits. They can dress up or down and still look elegant. These softly hued pink and green statement earrings are loaded with glittering vintage Swarovski crystals. A pink vintage glass stone in the center is surrounded by sparkly peridot rhinestones. The pale colors of sage green, bisque tan, and willow green soutache play nicely together. Light rose glass pearls add detail. Misty Soutache Earrings are very pretty fashion earrings, perfect any time you want to look special. They are lightweight enough to wear comfortably all day. Sterling silver earring hooks.


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