Gamma Red Soutache Earrings


Hand-embroidered red & bronze earring for casual wear

  • 1.5“ l x 1“ w
  • Sterling silver hooks
  • Backing: ultra suede fabric
  • Embroidered earrings
  • Beaded fabric jewelry

In stock

Gamma Red Soutache Earrings add a pop of bright color and are not too large. These bright red embroidered earrings are perfect for every day wear with your jeans or sun dress. The red sunburst is eye catching, fun to wear, and very versatile. They are feather light, compact, and are comfortable to wear all day long. Red, bronze, and copper soutache is layered around a red sunburst glass bead. Small bronze glass cube beads surround the center. Plum glass pearls, and red glass teardrops accent the bottom. Gamma Red Soutache Earrings will make you stand out and get noticed. These beaded dangle earrings would also make a special gift for the woman who loves handmade statement jewelry. Sterling silver earring hooks.


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