White Keshi Pearl Choker


Freshwater pearl necklace

  • 18” long x .25” wide/ 10mm diameter
  • Sterling silver clasp
  • Classic pearl jewelry
  • Bridal jewelry

In stock

White Keshi Pearl Choker is a mouthwatering strand of pearls. Their flake like shape and high luster make them throw a lot of light and make you look radiant. These are truly luxurious pearls. They are limited in supply, so do not hesitate if you want them. They shimmer and shine, giving you lots of glow around the neckline. Their irregular look is what makes them so appealing. They sit up and down along the strand, seeming to dance around your neckline. People simply can’t resist the White Keshi Pearl Choker. This necklace will become a treasured keepsake. It would be an excellent bridal necklace for a Boho wedding, or a unique gift for the pearl lover in your life. Please allow for some variations in these natural pearls. Sterling silver clasp.


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