Green Pearl Drop Earrings


Freshwater Pearl Teardrop Earrings

Iridescent Pearl Drop Earrings

  • 1″ l x .25″ w
  • 8mm Green Freshwater Pearls
  • Sterling Silver Hooks

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Green Pearl Drop Earrings are a dainty and feminine classic. They have a very good luster with a sheen of faint iridescence. The green is subtle enough to be almost neutral. It is a very soft, subtle shade that is easy to wear with many colors in your wardrobe. In fact, this Green Pearl Drop Earring will tend to pick up the color of the clothes you’re wearing. This makes it an excellent everyday earring.

They are a suitable earring for a bridesmaid as well. If your bridesmaids are in navy, taupe, black, plum, burgundy, or pink, these will coordinate. Also these are earrings they can wear for years to come. The earrings would look beautiful with cashmere sweaters and jeans, a pretty dress, or formal attire. They are truly a great all occasion earring.

If you are looking for a perfect gift for the pearl lover, Green Pearl Drop Earrings are an excellent choice. Mother’s Day is a great reason to give these earrings. They are also a lovely birthday gift. Why not get an extra pair to have on hand when you need a small gift to give?

The sterling silver earring hooks are petite and hug close to the earlobe. They do not hang down very far. Most women prefer this. They are the most comfortable earring hooks in my line. I have used them for many years and they are a customer favorite. The wire is a bit thicker than the typical earring hook. This prevents them from sliding out so easily. You will be much less likely to lose these earrings on account of this simple difference in hook thickness.