Gold Keshi Pearl Choker


Freshwater pearl necklace

  • 18” long x .25” wide/ 10mm diameter
  • 14K gold filled clasp
  • Classic pearl jewelry
  • Statement necklace—limited edition

In stock

This stunning gold keshi pearl choker has a brilliant luster. These flake-like gold pearls are reminiscent of the laurel wreath that poets wore in ancient days. They certainly do add a certain “poetry” to your outfit. These natural freshwater “keshi” (flake shaped) pearls are exceptionally lustrous. They shimmer and shine, giving you lots of glow around the neckline. These gold keshis are extremely rare, and I offer them in a limited edition. This necklace will become a treasured keepsake, and would be an excellent gift for the pearl lover in your life. Please allow for some variations in these natural pearls.