Gold Coin Pearl Earrings


Freshwater pearl dangle earring

  • Size: 1.38“ long by .5“ wide
  • Earring: 14K gold filled hooks
  • Pearl jewelry
  • Bridal jewelry

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Gold coin pearl earrings give off a lot of luster and shine. These earrings will be your everyday “go to” earring. They are lightweight, easy to wear, and go with everything. The gold coin pearl earrings dangle simply from standard earring hooks, with a matching crystal accent. They would be a perfect bridesmaid earring or thoughtful gift for someone special. Coin pearls are flat, not spherical. Please note that naturally formed pearls will differ slightly from the photo. I do my best to match size and shape, but a perfect match is all but impossible. These pearl earrings let you celebrate the random beauty of Mother Nature.

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Gold-Filled, Sterling


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