Faceted Pearl Earrings Green


Freshwater Pearl Dangle Earrings

1.25″ l x .25″ w

8mm round pearls

Sterling silver

Crystal rhinestones

Swarovski crystals

Pearl jewelry

Bridesmaid earrings

In stock

Faceted Pearl Earrings Green are an unusual twist on classic pearl dangle earrings. They add a hint of sparkle and drama to your everyday wardrobe. They would also make a wonderful bridesmaid earring for a fall or winter wedding. Glowing 8mm freshwater pearls are color treated for a permanent green finish. They are then faceted, giving them an unusual texture and sheen. Quite striking, actually! They almost look like shiny snakeskin. I then top them with an iridescent rainbow crystal rhinestone disk for even more impact. Finally a small Swarovski crystal is added as the finishing touch.

Over the years, my customers have grown accustomed to my telling them that this color green pearl is a wonderful neutral. Well, Faceted Pearl Earrings Green is no different. They will go with so many colors in your wardrobe. Why? Because this particular shade of mossy deep green tends to pick up the colors that you are wearing. It’s uncanny, but true. I have had so many customers tell me that they wear them with everything! Versatility is a quality I aim for in all my pearl designs. I think pearls should be worn often to maintain their luster. Faceted Pearl Earrings Green deliver that versatility to you. And it doesn’t hurt that they have that added fashion “oomph”.

They are a small, lightweight dangle earring. You can wear them comfortably all day. They would make a thoughtful gift for someone special. Why not pick up an extra pair to have on hand when you need a last minute gift to give?