Baroque Pearl Earrings


White freshwater pearl & 14K gold dangle earring

  • Size: .78“ long by .25“ wide
  • 8 x 10mm pearl
  • 14K gold hooks
  • Pearl jewelry
  • Bridal jewelry

In stock

Baroque Pearl Earrings are something special. Nature’s creativity makes each baroque pearl a little different. They are irregular in shape, and this is what makes them beautiful. I have long been intrigued by baroque pearls. They add uniqueness to even the simplest style of earring. Hundreds of years ago, only aristocrats could afford these rare gems. Today, baroque pearls are cultured and mass produced, making them readily available to everyone. I match (as closely as possible) each pair myself. Lustrous white baroque pearl drops dangle simply from delicate 14 karat gold earring hooks. This earring is elegant and timeless. Its natural form makes it stand out. Baroque Pearl Earrings would be a perfect bridal earring or memorable gift for someone special. Please note that naturally formed pearls will differ slightly from the photo. I do my best to match size and shape, but a perfect match is all but impossible. These pearl earrings let you celebrate the random beauty of Mother Nature.


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