Clear Crystal Silver Filigree Earrings


Swarovski crystal dangle earring

  • 1.25” long x .25” wide
  • Sterling silver hooks
  • Swarovski crystal
  • Bridal jewelry

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Clear crystal silver filigree earrings are the perfect everyday classic. Stunning, simple Swarovski crystal dangle earrings reflect the rainbow sheen known as “aurora borealis” finish (AB). The AB radiates a subtle rainbow of colors to give this earring true panache. The sterling silver filigree cap is an elegant finishing touch to this versatile earring. These clear crystal silver filigree earrings would also make the perfect accent for your bridesmaids. They would be perfect in your wedding, and would also be a keepsake that they can wear again and again. The earrings are great for everyday wear, the office, and going out to dinner. Why not get a pair for your best friend as well!