Pure Bliss Jewelry Security Policy
Updated March 2016

Credit Card Transactions

  1. Pure Bliss Jewelry (hereafter “PBJ”) places the security of its customers’ data at the highest priority. PBJ does not willingly or intentionally share or sell its customers’ credit card or invoice data. PBJ uses third-party transaction services, Square and PayPal. NO CREDIT CARD DATA IS STORED by Pure Bliss Jewelry.
  2. PBJ accepts customer credit cards (American Express, VISA, Mastercard, Discover, and Diners Club) using Square in person or phone transactions. Customers may use the PayPal shopping cart on this website. No credit card information is seen or retained by Pure Bliss Jewelry when checking out in PayPal.

    Security on the Pure Bliss Jewelry Website

  3. PayPal is the payment processor for the PBJ website. You do not need a PayPal account to pay for your PBJ order. When you are sent to the PayPal
    website, just select “pay as a guest.” PBJ does not receive your credit card info from PayPal. Their security polices protect your privacy. I only receive your order and shipping info.
  4. PBJ policy is to NEVER encourage or accept credit card data in an email to PBJ or its sole proprietor, Kelli Peduzzi. All credit cards are accepted via the Square reader (swiped or manual tap in) doing an in person or phone transaction. If a customer provides credit card data via an email, it is WITHOUT express consent of PBJ or its employee and at the customer’s own risk.
  5. PBJ makes sure that its sole employee and any future employees regularly reads the security policy, understands it, and undertakes any necessary education to understand changes in security policy methods.
  6. This policy is kept on file at PBJ’s office at 114 Academy Street, Poughkeepsie, New York 12601. It is reviewed annually and updated as necessary. It is available for review by any of PBJ’s customers, vendors, and support services. It is posted clearly on the PBJ website on its own page titled “Security Policy”.