Soutache Necklaces

Soutache Necklaces are works of wearable art. I pour every ounce of creativity into creating them. Each necklace is hand embroidered using invisible couture stitching. Each microscopic bead is introduced between the layers one at a time. The skill and time it takes to make a Soutache Necklace is considerable. I take great pride in them, and I hope you enjoy looking at them.

These statement necklaces are very lightweight despite their size. They are mostly fabric, after all. The technique is similar to appliqué. One of the most exciting parts about making these necklaces is using my huge collection of vintage components. I scour secret sources for the most delectable old things I can find. However, in most cases, they have not been worn or used. I look for original factory packaged goods. So they have the patina of age but are in mint or nearly mint condition. I’m very picky about the materials I use.

These objects of art are colorful. You will receive gasps of amazement when you wear them. I have customers tell me they are “overwhelmed with compliments” when they wear them. That just fills me with pure bliss!

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