Jewelry Parties are Fun!
Would You Like to Host a Jewelry Party?
Earn While You Entertain!

Fun and convenient-
You can host a jewelry party at home or office. Your friends do their shopping in a relaxed social setting. They will win door prizes and play games, too! You earn a percentage of what they spend. They more they spend, the more $$ you get. You can apply your earrnings toward any jewelry in stock. It’s lots of fun!

My territory is the New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Western Massachusetts. Consider hosting Pure Bliss Jewelry at your home or place of work.

Many women have had Pure Bliss Jewelry parties. Their friends have really enjoyed themselves. They socialize, eat, and shop. It’s a great “Girls Night Out” party. The hostesses earned free or discounted jewelry with every dollar their guests spent. Some hostesses have earned jewelry worth hundreds of dollars!

There’s no waiting! One of the best things about a Pure Bliss Jewelry party is that you and your guests select and take home your jewelry that very day. There’s no ordering and delivery later. That’s different from most of those other companies, where your guests have to wait for their purchases.

If a jewelry party appeals to you, please call or e-mail us now to book your date.